BeautyBook Launch – 5th July 2017

July has been a month packed with many different blogger events and I'm here to tell you about one I recently attended in Manchester. BeautyBook is a brilliant app (and website) that has been created by Amy Linton and Joe Abbott as a way to find beauty you can trust. Described as 'TripAdvisor for beauty'... Continue Reading →


Review: FrezyDerm Second Skin

Thanks to Rachel for sending me a sample of FrezyDerm sun lotion. I've been waiting a while to review it as the sun hasn't been out much in the UK. However, the sun finally appeared in the past couple of days, and I tried it out. First Thoughts When it first arrived, I loved the... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Brunch @ Victor’s, Hale.

It was a lovely Saturday morning (1st July 2017) when I was invited to attend a bloggers brunch at Victor's, a beautiful restaurant in Hale. About a 40 minute drive from me, I arrive around 5 minutes after it started. I was immediately in love with the restaurant and the interior that covered the place.... Continue Reading →

I am Not Disappointed.

I am not disappointed. Why would I be? I passed my degree with a 2:2. Yes, this gal actually managed to gain her degree, however it didn't come easy. My road to this end was long, difficult and painful. Many people would say that a 2:2 means nothing in the world, but I politely (see:... Continue Reading →

I fear my periods.

Having my period has always been one of my hates, however, as I've got older, they have become much worse. No one is a fan of their period... the monthly visit from Mother Nature... Aunt Flo... The Blob... call it what you will. I remember wanting to cry when I first got mine. In my... Continue Reading →

How I passed my Driving Test.

As someone who took two tests before passing her driving test, I thought I would let you into how I passed third time round. Lots of people find the Driving Test daunting and a stressful 40 minutes for them. However, I hope these tips help you out a bit. Before Lessons: Make sure you are... Continue Reading →

I passed my Driving Test!!

Hi friends, I'm taking two minutes to let you know why I haven't written much. I've been preparing for my test for around a week, and I finally passed, third time lucky, on Friday! The whole weekend has been quite bizarre with looking at cars and still waiting for this surreal realisation to kick in.... Continue Reading →


Hello friends, I wanted to take 5 minutes of your lovely day to tell you about a group I'm, happily, a part of. Focusing on female empowerment, this Facebook group is not one to be missed! With 77,472 members, Girlsmouth is one of the largest groups on Facebook. With many posts every day, the group... Continue Reading →

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