Hello friends, I wanted to take 5 minutes of your lovely day to tell you about a group I'm, happily, a part of. Focusing on female empowerment, this Facebook group is not one to be missed! With 77,472 members, Girlsmouth is one of the largest groups on Facebook. With many posts every day, the group... Continue Reading →

Dear Ex-Best Friend.

Dear Ex-Best Friend, I hope you don't mind me writing, it's been years since we last spoke. I'm still sad about what you did, and even more sad that it broke us up. I'm sorry we lost contact and I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough friend. I guess we all grow older, and time... Continue Reading →

21 Goals.

Turning 21, I decided to make 21 Goals from now on! Graduate from Keele University in July 2017. Pass my practical driving test. Start my GDL in September 2017. Write more blog posts. Start a new hobby/craft. Play the piano again. Keep in touch with friends from university. Lose weight and tone up, sharpppppp. Donate... Continue Reading →


I see bees, working in the hive, grateful for their lives, thanking God that they’re alive.   Bees, buzzing in the breeze, making most of the day, dodging all the leaves, but taking time to pray.   Even though the day before, they lost so many, they refuse to give in, still work to earn... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in London.

After a weekend in London, I am utterly exhausted but filled with happiness and awe at some of the amazing places that London has. In this post, I'm going to break down where we visited and why I believe they are some of the best places to see and activities to do. Rules 35 Maiden... Continue Reading →

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