A Weekend in London.

After a weekend in London, I am utterly exhausted but filled with happiness and awe at some of the amazing places that London has. In this post, I'm going to break down where we visited and why I believe they are some of the best places to see and activities to do. Rules 35 Maiden... Continue Reading →

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BeautyBook Launch – 5th July 2017

July has been a month packed with many different blogger events and I'm here to tell you about one I recently attended in Manchester. BeautyBook is a brilliant app (and website) that has been created by Amy Linton and Joe Abbott as a way to find beauty you can trust. Described as 'TripAdvisor for beauty'... Continue Reading →

Review: FrezyDerm Second Skin

Thanks to Rachel for sending me a sample of FrezyDerm sun lotion. I've been waiting a while to review it as the sun hasn't been out much in the UK. However, the sun finally appeared in the past couple of days, and I tried it out. First Thoughts When it first arrived, I loved the... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Brunch @ Victor’s, Hale.

It was a lovely Saturday morning (1st July 2017) when I was invited to attend a bloggers brunch at Victor's, a beautiful restaurant in Hale. About a 40 minute drive from me, I arrive around 5 minutes after it started. I was immediately in love with the restaurant and the interior that covered the place.... Continue Reading →

I am Not Disappointed.

I am not disappointed. Why would I be? I passed my degree with a 2:2. Yes, this gal actually managed to gain her degree, however it didn't come easy. My road to this end was long, difficult and painful. Many people would say that a 2:2 means nothing in the world, but I politely (see:... Continue Reading →

I fear my periods.

Having my period has always been one of my hates, however, as I've got older, they have become much worse. No one is a fan of their period... the monthly visit from Mother Nature... Aunt Flo... The Blob... call it what you will. I remember wanting to cry when I first got mine. In my... Continue Reading →

How I passed my Driving Test.

As someone who took two tests before passing her driving test, I thought I would let you into how I passed third time round. Lots of people find the Driving Test daunting and a stressful 40 minutes for them. However, I hope these tips help you out a bit. Before Lessons: Make sure you are... Continue Reading →

I passed my Driving Test!!

Hi friends, I'm taking two minutes to let you know why I haven't written much. I've been preparing for my test for around a week, and I finally passed, third time lucky, on Friday! The whole weekend has been quite bizarre with looking at cars and still waiting for this surreal realisation to kick in.... Continue Reading →


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