A Weekend in London.

After a weekend in London, I am utterly exhausted but filled with happiness and awe at some of the amazing places that London has. In this post, I'm going to break down where we visited and why I believe they are some of the best places to see and activities to do. Rules 35 Maiden... Continue Reading →

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Let’s talk… JHS.

I used to find myself crying because I couldn't understand why my body hated me so much. I went through numerous doctors who had no clue what was wrong with me, and when they did, they packed me off with painkillers.

University was Not worth it.

The stress about my future, the content bad cloud over my head... and I saw so many of my friends lose faith in themselves time and time again. I saw so many people fall at the first hurdle and struggle to get up. It was so taxing on everyone trying to claim that all important degree.

Growing into a ‘Nasty Woman’.

I look back on that time as something that almost broke. It almost broke me, because I felt a let down. I wasn't how a woman should act...   Many who know me will understand I'm unapologetic, I'm truthful, I'm a realist... I'm everything that society doesn't want a woman to be. Growing up, there... Continue Reading →


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